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Tailored Tree Care Tree and stump removal across the Bannockburn and Geelong regions.


There’s no doubt about it, having a team of workers you’ve never met before remove a 15 metre Sugar Gum that’s leaning over your house can be a daunting thought.


Let us settle your nerves with a list of why Tailored Tree Care is the company for you:


  • Certified arborist service. 

  • Public liability insurance of $10,000,000.

  • Highly rated business on google reviews.

  • No obligation quote

  • Pay after job is complete

  • Fixed rate pricing

  • Clear communication

  • Friendly staff

Tailored Tree Care offers a specialised service of tree removals. What does this mean? We have the skill-set to access hard to get to trees that cranes and cherry pickers can’t get to. We use a combination of advanced tree climbing techniques and rigging operations. This involves the use of lowering devices, ropes and pulleys to pull apart the tree and remove it in a controlled manner.


We are experts when it comes to felling trees. In circumstances where there is more room to work with, we can drop the tree instead of climbing it. We have plenty of experience with felling trees in high risk areas that demand absolute accuracy and control over the tree. 


If you have an indoor fireplace, or you have friends that would like some firewood, we can be flexible with leaving the log wood on site for you. We typically wood into foot long rounds to keep it a nice size for the fireplace. Don’t want the wood? No worries at all, we will be happy to take it.


Every time we arrive on a job site we will have our truck and chipper. You won’t have to worry about a mess being left, we chip all the green waste and take it away from the site. Of course, if you have the space for it and would like to keep the mulch, you are more than welcome. 


We pride ourselves in leaving the workplace just as we found it, and often leaving it even cleaner, so you won’t ever have to worry about spending 3 hours in the garden cleaning up after all the mess we made.

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